The Prepper’s Guide to Off the Grid Survival: An Introduction to Living a Stress Free, Self-Sustaining Lifestyle in Financial Peace

This book was narrated by Troy McElfresh.

Have you dreamed of living debt free and relying on your own land to survive? Going off the grid and disconnecting from city services is becoming a growing trend all around the world. People are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and worrying about how they will pay their monthly bills. The fast-paced world and looming financial collapse are too much and it is time to unplug.

This audiobook will help you learn about what you need to know before you choose to go off the grid. There are plenty of considerations like what will you use for power? How will you get water to your home? Do you really need to grow a garden and raise livestock to be self-sufficient? There is also the consideration of local laws that must be dealt with. Choosing to completely change your lifestyle and go off the grid is a huge decision. You need to get all the facts before you jump into anything. This audiobook is designed to help you make the best informed decision possible. Are you up for the task of living off the grid and finally experiencing that financial freedom you have dreamed about? If so, this audiobook is what you need to get started.

Download Sample Copy of Book

©2014 Jim Jackson (P)2015 Jim Jackson


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